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NO HANDS Massage

NO HANDS Massage was developed by Gerry Pyves over 30 years ago. NO HANDS is different from other forms of massage, as it uses the soft underside of the forearms to deliver the treatment.

Versatility:- you can have a NO HANDS Massage lying on a Massage table or seated in a Massage Chair. It Can be done both with and without oil.

Every step of the way you are in control and with NO HANDS every session is different!

I will work with you to design a treatment that will meet your needs at that time, on that day.

Once the treatment has been agreed I will normally work without talking, thus allowing you the space to breathe connect with your body and take time out for you.

NO HANDS Element Treatment

Choose your treatment in the form of an Element.

Earth  Air  Fire  Water.

For more information, please contact me (details at the top of the page)

TDT - Trauma Discharge Therapy

Trauma Discharge therapy is a new BodyMind Therapy that specifically aims to reduce the amount of trauma carried or imprinted in our nervous system. it does this through the delivery of a unique type of Massage. which is a powerful blend of Massage, Psychology and the very latest Neuroscience. (Gerry Pyves, (2019)).

To find out more information on Trauma discharge Therapy, please contact me. (details at the top of page).


Chair Massage

Chair treatments work well because:-


  • You don't have to lie down for long periods of time. 

  • You are fully clothed.

  • Sessions can be short and still have a massive benefit.

  • Can be done in the work place. Massage reduces workplace stress by 30% (K. A. Shulman & G.E. Jones (1996)).

For more information on Chair Massage, Please contact me (details at the top of the page)​


single session  £45​​

Contact me on 07870493872 for special offers.

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