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Master Support Sessions

I started my NO HANDS® journey in 2007. Yes, that long!  Fast forward to becoming a Master in 2017 and now a Supervising Master. 


I would like to give back, for all the help and support I have had, and currently have, from you all. I call you my professional family. I feel we are more than an organisation-we are a wonderful community that is always there for each other.


So I am now offering Master Support Sessions. For 2023 I'll be offering a special

3 Master Support Sessions 

 3 Massages combo


for £299.*


So if you're 


feeling rusty

struggling with a stroke 

want clarity on your zero strain 

want your touch felt

want some clinical support.  


I am here for you!


Quite simply, you plan three visits to my treatment room in Newcastle-under-Lyme. At each session, we start off with a Master support Session and the after the session is complete you have a treatment from me before heading home.


Saving you travel time and money by combining the two. 


You can have your Masters Support Session 1:1 or with up to two other NO HANDers.

For more information and to arrange dates and times. Contact me on 07870493872 or


Looking forward to supporting you and your journey       Beth


*Full payment on booking, Master Support Sessions and Massages to be taken within six months.

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